Pour another Kupp of talent into the NFL pool

Yakima's father and son pro footballers confident another generation of the family will some day also play on Sundays.

One of the biggest thrills of Craig Kupp's life as a child.....watching his dad Jake.....a University of Washington grad....turned great offensive lineman for the New Orleans Saints.

Craig Kupp "We walked out of the stadium and the whole crowd, holding my dad's hand. As a little kid, that was amazing to have that. I just knew I want to do this. That's just what I want to do. i would tell everybody as a little kid that I am going to be a football player and that's just the way it was going to happen."

It did happen.....Craig was drafted out of Pacific Luthern University and ended up quarterbacking for the Dallas Cowboys. Now Craig and his dad are safely on the sidelines rooting on the next in line Kupp to potentially play pro football. Davis grad Cooper, setting pass catching records left and right in his freshman year at Eastern Washington University. His dad and grandfather were tremendous talents. His dad and grandfather insist Coop's career may even soar above theirs.

Jake Kupp "Cooper is now at a stage way ahead of both of us have ever been. In that when we were freshmen in college we were still struggling trying to determine who we are. Cooper comes in his first year made six all americ first teams. Just got all kinds of awards. So, we're just really excited to see where this takes Cooper now."

Cooper will join his grandfather and dad as featured speakers at the Breakfast with the Pros fundraiser for first tee Yakima, coming up April 11th. And, then, back to Cheney......and spring football drills with the Eagles. A lot elgibility and time left to smash even more collegiate records. Cooper, so skilled, so focused, owning a work ethic beyond belief.

Craig Kupp "There's no doubt in my mind he's going to get a very legitimate shot. We're family. We feel like he's going to have a very successful career."