Pickleball Takes Yakima by Storm


YAKIMA, Wa - The Yakima Valley was in a serious pickle over the weekend and loved every minute of it.

Skip Schoff and Bill Shott on the right, one of the top men's doubles teams in the Northwest.

We're talking pickleball, wall to wall at the Yakima Tennis Club's indoor facility as 130 top competitors gathered here for the first annual Yakima Pickle Classic.

"Right now pickleball is really popular, it's probably one of the fastest growing sports in the United States," Richard Lozano said.

Fast and furious, it may seem to many like mini tennis, but it's also a great workout and these fine tuned court athletes give it their all and sometimes more.

"The longer you play the more you realize you have sore spots," one female competitor said.

For the most part this great game invented in Bainbridge Island is not as strenuous as its big cousin on the big court tennis.

The Yakima Tennis Club is gaining more and more members who want to rest the racquet and pick up the paddle.

"It's an easier game for people to learn (and) it's good for older people, yes," Lozano said.

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