Photo: Husky crew goes big time to wish the football team well

Men's crew left this message to the University of Washington football team on Friday. (Photo: Rielly Milne)

SEATTLE -- Men's crew at the University of Washington has gone all in to support the UW football team and its Peach Bowl game on Dec. 31.

The contest is the semifinal game of the playoffs.

So the men's crew drew well wishes in the snow at on the field at Husky Stadium after a morning weight-lifting session.

Rielly Milne, one of UW rowing's coxswains, used a drone to snap a photo and the rest is social media history.

Through a spokesperson for the Athletic Department, Mine explained how it all happened Friday:

"I was flying the drone, taking photos of campus when my teammate mate Elmo Carcano texted me with the idea. We picked up a few more guys at the boathouse and decided with 'Beat Bama''on the way over to the stadium.

"It was four of us in total, with three brooms we use to clean off the rowing docks. We used the lines on the field as a guide, and once we had a plan, we each took it letter by letter and got it done. I sent up the drone and snapped a pic, right as the football team came out to start practicing. We know if we bring enough hype and show enough pride towards this campaign, it'll come back to us in our spring racing."

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