Pepsi Paks packed with talent heading to state legion tourney

They are a pack of confident kids from Yakima Valley.

But, they are in for a serious test.

Carlon Park, the proud home to one of the state's richest in tradition American Legion Programs. The Pepsi Paks, packed with talent. Ready to roll into this weekend's state tournament, guns blazing. Yakima Valley riding high on a 14 game win streak.

Mike Archer "They're tough guys. They play hard. They love coming to the park. They love playing baseball. They're great kids. They come from winning programs. They're used to winning. Winning is contagious. You have to learn how to win. They just have a great approach. Just bust their hump every day. That's what our program is about and what we're like."

The Pepsi Paks under the watchful eye of the masterful Archers, traditionally a legion power. This Yakima Valley group, deep in pitching.....they've got the speed....can run the bases....and speed up a game leaving the other side in the dust. Been an incredible run.....55 games, the Paks have won 48 of them. Pumped up for Saturday at Centralia, with win number 49 in their sights.

Ryan Ross "Oh, it's fun and business. We know we have a job to do. But, we've had fun all year. So, I'm excited."

No time to mess around at the double elimination state party that runs through next Wednesday. Yakima Valley opening Saturday night against the host team, a traditional power. Centralia's top pitcher back from last year's state championship game. The ballpark there will be packed. And, almost all of them will be rooting against the Paks.

Mike Archer "There's going to be 90 percent of the people against us. Ten percent for us. I like that. I think that's a fun environment to go in to. It will make for an exciting night of baseball."