PBR Competition, not just for the bulls!

Bull riding. The competition unbelievable.

Not just for the riders.

Rip snorting ready for another night at work. Craig Wentz' prize bucking stock from Prosser. Craig bringing ten of his bulls to the always popular PBR at the Sun Dome.
A Touring pro division event....kind of the triple A level to the major league Built Ford Tough elite ranks.

Craig Wentz "Bringing them to a smaller event. Getting some stats on them. Just getting some confidence built up in the bulls."

Among the field on this night at the local big top three of Craig Wentz's bulls boasting PBR World Finals experience. A handful of his stock the calves of finals veteran bucky....almost ten years old now...good old Bucky nearing the end of his career

Craig Wentz "The other bulls in there know he is the man? Ya, no doubt about that. Ok. Ya."