One of World's best bowlers rolls in Yakima

He is one of the top amateur bowlers in the world.

He lives right here in Yakima.

The only question I have is.....

How in the world is he ever going to top the incredible out of this world year he just had.

The amazing Marshall Kent. I've been watching this Yakima native knock em all down since he was just a little kid. He's a 20 year old college academic All-American now coming off a 2012 that almost any bowler on the planet could only dream possible. Marshall's surreal adventure kicked off right after New Year's at the Team USA trials.

Marshall Kent "Ended up winning the tournament at the end of the week. So, that qualified me for the men's team USA. And, it qualified me for a spot at the World Cup."

At the collegiate nationals, Marshall won rookie of the year and player of the year honors. And, was named MVP and first team all american. Then on to the World Youth Championships in Bangkok, Marshall, the first ever to medal in all five events in Thailand...including winning two golds. Back in the US Marshll rolled with the big boys at the Pan American Championships in Las Vegas, bringing home silver and gold. Repacking the to europe....winning the Russian Open...and 2nd at the World Cup in Poland...

Jim Kent "Locally, the best thing I could compare it to is what Phil and Steve Mahre did years ago. Where, they're at the top of their profession. Marshall's at that level right now in his chosen sport, bowling. That's where he is. It's a remarkable level. Vey few athletes attain that level."

Looking ahead to graduating from Robert Morris University in 2014, Marshall, who's already banked tens of thousands of dollars in bowling scholarship money....will be ready to roll for real cash.

Marshall Kent "Then, hopefully, try the professional tour after that. Still fun? Still exciting. It's a love-hate relationship. It's still a lot of fun."