New Workout Comes to the Yakima Valley


TERRACE HEIGHTS, Wash - Yakima Valley is boasting one of the newest super fitness workouts.

But, like the old versions, one thing hasn't changed, you can get worn out just by watching it. Ramp it up, rock'n'roll and look at them go, it's jumping fitness and it's the newest hottest craze.

Born in the Czech Republic it's spreading like wildfire. The jump fitness thing bouncing all the way to our part of the workout world to the gym at Fitness with Nathan in Terrace Heights.

"It's now in eleven cities in the U.S. and Yakima happens to be one of them," Nathan Vanderhoof said. "So, we're ahead of the game, you can't take it anywhere else in Washington State. I think the closest class to us is in L.A. right now."

A high speed workout on individual trampolines, absorbing the bounces making for a very low impact on the body scoring high with East Valley's Kim Leach.

"Even though it's a jumping type of fitness, it's the one thing I can still do," Leach said. "I'm having double back surgery in a week (and) I have not felt any pain in my back or knees doing it. Yet, I'm getting the best workout I've probably had in ten years."

"We only started at the studio at the beginning of September," Vanderhoof said. "So far everyone loves it, we're loving it and it's such a great workout."

"I'm so addicted I thought about cancelling surgery," Leach said.

When asked if she'll back after surgery, "I'm back at it hopefully in about nine months; I love it," Leach said.

For more information on the jumping fitness workout please go to the Fitness with Nathan website at

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