Looking sharp in those championship shirts!

The Seahawks Nation going crazy.

So many excited fans right here in the Valley.

And great sponsors like Prestige Motors who'll be backing our local Hawks coverage right up until Super Sunday.

I'm so pumped. Just makes me want to go shopping.

Sizzling hot, flying off the racks faster than a Richard Sherman rant.......those gorgeous NFC championship T-shirts. I checked out Just Sports at the Valley Mall early today......and the Seahawks title T's were almost already sold out. Plenty of leftover loser attire going cheaply nobody wants that. The store filled with fans craving the Blue.

Leslie Silva: "Have you been folding a lot of Seahawks stuff? Yeah. People want a lot of Seahawks stuff? Yeah, they want all of it."

It's just the beginning of it. Don't be the last on your block sporting the colors as the Yakima Valley counts it down to Super Sunday.

Leslie Silva: "So, who's your favorite player? Lynch. He's so fast. That's what I like about him. He's really fast. Wait, who's the Skittles guy? That's him. Oh, I love Skittles. Who's the Skittles guy? That's the one."

Ring up the register. Fans ready to shell out the bucks to show love for their team. Seahawk love in the air.

Fan: "Richard Sherman, marry my daughter. Richard Sherman, I want you to marry my daughter Miranda. She's in New York. You'll see her in two weeks, ha, ha."