Local little kids with big league voices

Putting on a great show at Safeco Field.

Performing at Yakima County Stadium.

These kids are awesome.
Belting out the national anthem before a Yakima Valley Pippins game. The Toppenish Garfield Elementary Honor Choir.

Choir "Was that fun? Ya, weren't nervous were you? A little. You guys been working hard? Ya. Did the Mariners didn't you? Ya. Was that pretty cool? Ya. Alright. Good job."

Great job, but, just one of many these heavenly voiced 4th and 5th graders have been doing. Booked solid, their fans can't get enough.

Rondi Marsh "We did a Christmas performance. We did a whole show about Broadway. We sang for the Mariners on May 23rd. We've been eating ice cream."

Choir Are they good? Ya. Gonna be pros? Ya, I think so. Especially me.