Kickstarting the country's fastest-growing sport in the Valley

America's oldest sport, baseball?

Nope, this one.

I get tired just watching these kids run......The first Central Valley Lacross Jamboree at Chesterly Park in Yakima.....a huge success. The one and only all Valley local youth lacross team hosting more than a dozen other squads from Wenatchee and the Tri-Cities, more than 300 kids.....The original native Americans played la cross....and, now the game's kicking its way across Amerca.

Jason Berreman "A big sport on the east coast. It's just growing in popularity all the time. One of the fastest growing sports in the country. It's a combination of hockey, soccer, basketball. Just a lot of different skills all put together. It's a lot of fun."

Cameron Berreman "You get to hit. But, it also requires finesse, agility and skills. Is it a lot of work. It is. You have to be in good condition. It demands a lot. Are you guys in good condition? No. Some of us. I just had a hamburger. Are you having fun? Yes. Are you having fun? "

High school la cross at Selah has been around for about five years.....the youth division just a couple. The goal to spread the word about this unique sport......create a girls team and just kick start la cross locally to the next level.

Jason Berreman "Kids talk to other kids. Kids get burned out in other sports. They come to La crosse."