Ike's been losing way too long!

The Eisenhower boys basketball team hasn't won a game this year.......or last year.

But, the Cadets with high hopes for the New Year.

For a team that's lost most more than 60 games the past three seasons.....these guys are pumped and ready to turn it around. New gym. New spirit. New coach. Will Gaethle took Riverside Christian to state tournaments in all three years head coaching the Crusaders. I know Will. And, nobody will work harder than he to right the listing Cadets. Optimistic his strong worth ethic winning formula at Riverside can work at Dwight's House. Returning a winning tradition to this proud school through academic success in the classroom......and on the basketball floor.

Will Gaethle They've done a great job. We came in and set the bar high. I've got to say. Every one of these kids have jumped that bar that we set. So, we were fortunate enough to set that bar even higher. Don't check him. Set it up"

The Cadets' motto this family. A big family. Sencing a new positive beginning....more than 100 hoop hopefuls turned out for this winter's competition. Senior Colton Hinman hasn't won a game yet since he's been on the Ike varsity.

Colton Hinman " I was heartbroken last year because I've been playing basketball ever since the third grade. And, I've never had a losing season that bad in my life. If a losing season. Gonna be different this year? Yes, going to be most definitely different this year." )))

Team " 1,2,3 let's go"