Ho, Ho, Ho! It's Sports Santa!

Hope everyone has a very, merry Hawkmas.

Twas the night before the Big Day.......or as every fantasy footballer knows.......five nights before the final regular season Big Game for the Hawks. Santa pumped.....sporting the Marshawn.
We're going beastmode. who's going to win the Super Bowl Chuck. Seahawks. That's my man. that's my man.
my man in time local sports stud Chris George.....his slick north pole set up.....a must see on the christmas lights tour every year. this year with a distinct home field advantage century link feel to the celebration....
Seahawks all the way.
break it down.....grand master Claus.
Santa Claus "This is Santa. Coming right at ya. Beastmode. Hawks Super Bowl Champions in 2014. In the house." n
Santa "Merry Christmas. Buy me big presents. I've been good."
Santa's Seahawks have been more than good....need to be at their best on Sunday.......a by then.....rested up jolly old saint nick....will be planted right on the sleigh sofa like the rest of us...ready for a wild winning ride into the New Year...
Santa "Merry Christmas folks. How are you? Good. See right now Santa's in Beastmode. Look at the man's hat, his hat. who's going to win the Super Bowl? Seahawks. Louder. One more time. Seahawks. thank you. Merry Christmas. Bye Santa."