He's a star, but, the Mavs' QB has never QB'd before!

Major changes with the Yakima Mavericks this season.

Starting with the most important position on the field.

Alex Mahre now calling signals for the Mavs. Nothing new about the name Mahre on the Mavericks' roster. This is Alex's 11th spring season playing for the Valley's semi-pro guys. But, never before has Mahre played quarterback. No longer with the team, former WSU Coug qb stars John and Marshall Lobestahl. So, somebody had to step up and fill those big missing shoes. You couldn't find a more step up and do what needs to be done guy than Alex Mahre.

Alex Mahre "I've always been able to throw a ball. It's being able to read a defense so it's going to be kind of a Russell Wilson type deal where we just go out and run around hope for the best I guess. I can hand the ball off. I can do that. So, that's pretty easy. We've got a good running back. Got our starting line back. So, it should be a pretty good year."

Steve Davis "A couple kids we had out here were struggling. And, Alex says if we go to some zone reads and quick passing stuff I think I can handle that. I says, well, give it a shot. And, so far he's doing pretty well."

But, with the Mavericks' troops thin this spring, Alex Mahre must stay healthy playing a position that absorbs so much punishment. It's always easy to figure out how old Alex is. The Yakima native was born the same day his dad Phil Mahre won Olympic gold in skiing in 1984. So, now 30, Alex who's bounced back after a couple of knee injuries while playing receiver for the Mavericks will try to avoid sacks at all cost....stay away from those

mean brutes trying to destroy him while kicking off his qb debut Saturday night at Marquette Stadium against Bellingham."

Alex Mahre "Our team owner convinced me to do it. I've been trying to retire for six years I think I can't give it up. I love the game. Ya, year. I love these guys."