Hasn't lost his driving touch after 20 years!

Racing is done at Yakima Speedway this year.

They'll hand out the season trophies at the annual Awards banquet tomorrow.

Then, will racing be back in 2014?

The winningest drivers and their crews will accept their trophies. But, an award of gratitude owed track owner Ted Pollock. Keeping Yakima Speedway alive and thriving for nearly half a century now. In recent years we weren't really sure if racing would survive here, whether the owners had finally had enough and received the right offer for the track land to be sold to developers. In the end, Pollock has made a commitment to the great racing community here to keep the green flag waving at the local oval.

Ted Pollock "New grass wall, painting, asphalting and everything. And, so it shows we're going to be here next year too. We love Yakima. Yakima's the best race town there is."

How about the driver of the 98 car.....he knows a little something about racing in Yakima. Robbie Miller, a strong 4th place finish in the season ending West Coast Street Stocks final. Let's hear it for the 63 year old veteran. Let's hear it for a local guy who until this event at Yakima Speedway...hadn't raced in more than 20 years.

Robbie Miller "That was a kick. Gooder than girls buddy. Doing some racing out there. We had fun. Thanks to the Tidricks, Brad and Tina. Greg and Sheri richardson. Thank you so much for letting us have this opportunity. And, it's good to be back at Yakima Speedway. Tell me real quick. So, why are you racing? Because it's in may blood I guess..."