Girl Power! Going fast in the dirt!

Happy, smiling. A great student in the classroom.

All American kid.

But, when this young rider opens the throttle......look out.

Helmet cam on a kid. Now, that's what I call cool. This cool kid, no ordinary 8 year old 50 CC bike rider. Taylor Mooney from Selah, the only youngster chosen from the whole state of Washington to compete in this recent Super Cross Race in Anaheim. And, every rider in this prestigous event......a boy......except for one.....Taylor......

Taylor Mooney "Being the only girl felt cool"

This was much bigger than a big race on the same Angels Stadium track as the big guys battle. For Taylor, and her young competitiors, the experience of a lifetime. The Anaheim Super Cross people made the kids feel like racing royalty......hooking them up with all sorts of neat riding attire and racing swag.

Jared Mooney "They got their own semi mechanics to work on the bikes. They got to be in the pits with the big pros."

Taylor Mooney "And, I got to meet the Blue Star Girls. What are the Blue Star girls? They're the pro women racers."

Like all appreciative up and coming racers.........Taylor would like to give a big shout out to her sponsors....Premier Powersports of Yakima stepping up. And, of course a lot of love from her and dad....and awesome brother Devin. A family filled with racing experience. A family that dedicates a lot of time and expense......traveling to races......making the children's dream a reality.

Jared Mooney "It's a good time."

Jennifer Mooney "That's from a dad's perspective. From a mom's perspective it's nerve racking. Is it ok? My little girl out there with jumps that were way bigger than her. Are you watching here when she's doing it? Oh ya. And, would you like to see her persue this? Ya, it's a lot of fun. Do it as a family. It's pretty cool."