Former Davis Star Teaching Youngsters


YAKIMA, Wa - Summer sports camps are great for kids except when there's too much of a good thing.

Praise and positive reinforcement is what it's all about at Peter Orgill's Triple Play Camp at Pete Orgill Field at Davis High School.

These little guys take the field at camp with big dreams of future success on the diamond.

Orgill emphasizes attention to detail especially when it comes to hitting.

"That means when I get done swinging, my belly button needs to be pointed right at the coach," Orgill said while giving a hitting lesson to the kids.

Often coaches can spot potential standout talent in youngsters, but that's not a guarantee that early skills will carry over to stardom when the kids get a few years older.

"When I was in Little League, our Little League all-star team was a bunch of good players," Orgill said. "I think only two of us played high school baseball. Just because your son or daughter is not the best player on the Little League team does not mean they can't develop if they work hard, put the work in (and) good things can happen."

Learning and having fun can go together when you have great coaches who know how to keep everything in perspective. After all, baseball is still just a game.

"I see it all the time, parents that want to know how to get their kids to college at the age of ten," Orgill said. "I tell them I don't have the answer for them, that's not my job. I want them to have fun, that's my main goal, to have fun with baseball."

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