Darrington kids getting a welcome break at CWU football camp

With the memory of a tragedy that will forever be a part of their lives......they are picking up the pieces.
One first down at a time.
The proud Loggers from Darrington High School. Just months ago, their town near the center of devastation, confusion and lives lost. These are good kids. They'd much rather be talking about the positives of the upcoming football season than recounting the mudslide nightmare that has scarred them all.

Doug Lenker "Some people lost relatives, friends. Kids that I had coached, parents that we knew well. A real tragic time. But, the commend all the kids. Just everyone came together. And, we're slowly edging out of that and moving on."

A welcome relief getaway to Central Washington University. The Loggers among the 15-hundred grid iron prepsters eagerly soaking up everthing they can from CWU coaches at the Wildcats' high school camp in Ellensburg. With room and board it ends up costing about 300 dollars per player. Trying to come up with that kind of money by the families of devastated Darrington just wasn't going to be possible this year. Big thanks to the great folks at Central. Stepping up and waiving the camp fees for the Loggers.

Ian Shoemaker "When they decided they weren't going to be able to fun raise. They were having to work and put that effort and rebuilding the town, rebuilding the area. We said, hey you know is there something we can do to help with that process. We could. We were able to do that with this group. We think its important to kind of give back to that community."

Trent Green "Really appreciate what Central's doing for us. You guys wouldn't have been able to come over? No we couldn't have been able to afford this without Central."

Coach really proud........go Loggers.