Central Wildcats rule the northwest rugby world

Central Washington University Rugby. Making history.

Blazing a trail toward a national championship.

The Wildcats dominating the northwest collegiate rugby conference. Only KIMA at Magnusson Park in Seattle as Central knocked out Oregon in the NCRC title match to finish the season 13 - 0.

Tony Pacheco "These guys were really good all season. It's always good to leave home with a trophy that's for sure"

Nobody can touch these Cats gone wild. CWU rolling over its last four opponents by a combined score of 343 - 16. What's even more incredible. This is only Central's firsts year at the varsity level.

Tanner Barnes "That was on the backs of a lot of hard work from our administration. Our school support. All the other seniors before us. What you get there? This is the NCRC championship. Good to be back. How's that feel? It feels great. It's just a step for us."

The next step the post season. The Cats will kick it off Saturday in Southern California against Utah.
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