Calling all Girls! Players needed for new kids softball league!

Gloves, balls. And, let's hear it for the Bats.

If you haven't checked out little league softball. It's so entertaining. The girls trying so hard.

Bats girls "How you guys doing? What team are you? Bats. The Bats? Yes. Are you having fun? Ya. Are you good? Ya. What are you guys learning? A lot of things. Is it hard work? Ya. But, it's fun? yes. How are they doing coach? They're doing good. They've come a long way. They've learned a lot."

Still with a lot to learn, because the bats are kind of new at this. up against a more experienced bunch from East Valley. The Bats are yakima national little league's only softball team. there were two clubs until west valley split off to do its own thing. so this year, ynll's banner being held up by only the bats.

Nini Van De Venter "Off to kind of a slow start. Only one team. We've been meeting with other leagues to get our game quota in. I'm hoping next year Yakima Valley will step up and get some more girls signed up for the league"

Bats "What's going to work? Team work"