Brooklyn Baseball in Yakima, exciting in 2014

The great Brooklyn Baseball Academy in Yakima.

You've met the successful graduates.

Now, meet the Moms and Dads paying the bills.

Those guys will do that all day.....a lot of days...Just about any day of the year ..fielding thousands of ground balls in their in door training time at Brooklyn in Yakima.

Brent "The off season training of the program is really beneficial. I've seen my son really excel and do well in the off season. Help him with high school or summer ball wherever he plays."

Paul "The ability to be here any day of the week and having the place to work and training. Learning about life, not just baseball, but, about life as well."

Paul Williams ready to coach the youngstest members of Academy. Brooklyn Baseball in Yakima so popular.....the program's starting up a new eleven and under team.

It's not cheap sending your youngster to Brooklyn training. But, so many families have reaped the benefits. The non-profit program based on the pure priniciples of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers have graduated future college players....have taken the kids to the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown, making them feel good about the game...and life.

Megan Sorley "The kids are growing not only their baseball skills, but with a lot of character. he kind of teaches the mental aspects of the game."

John Straehle "Very positive. The mental game is huge here. That's something you don't see in a lot of high school programs."