A dogfight for the CWU Cats!

Over the years Central Washington has dominated Saint Martin's with a capital D.

Tonight, a cat fight in Ellensburg.

CWU aiming to get the new year off on the right foot and even its record at 6's.
Taking it right to the Saints in the first half. Mark McLaughlin zoned in, 4 triples, leading everybody with 25.
Central's lead growing. Mark setting up in the same spot, but, takes off......throws it up, and Kevin Davis takes care of the rest, finishing with 13.
5-10 Gordon Russell, shifts into overdrive, going up and kissing in the deuce. Wildcats stretching out a double digit advantage.
Tough D, styfling the Saints. Steal, slamming Mark? no, softly. Still counts for two.
Back out top, Jordan, doing the 2 step, leaving the Saint, a half step behind.
Cats one more time. Mark Rogers shielding off any attempt to stop his assault. CWU sizzling. 17 point lead.
The advantage would totally disappear in the second half.
And, the Cats would have to claw their way to a narrow victory. But, it's a W.