A Brave Niners Fan In The Valley!

How great it is to be a Seahawks fan.

But, if you live around weird is it right now to be a Niners fan?

From toe to top.......Dane Pierone lives and breathes 49ers. Dane is our outstanding promotions director here at KIMA. But, in jeopardy of being cast out of the community.

Dane Pierone "Most of my friends are of course Seattle fans. It's not that I dislike them. But, when they play my team I bleed Niner Red."

How could a guy who grew up in the Yakima Valley be rooting for the enemy?

Dane Pierone " I'm really getting tired of being called a 40-whiner. Because I'm not. When my dad started watching the games in the early 60's I became a fan in 69"

In 2014 Dane has no doubt San Francisco will be crowned NFC Champion. No doubt his beloved Niners will push the mute button on the boisterous 12th man rowdies at the Clink.

Dane Pierone Seattle's going to set a new record for the quietest they've ever been. At the 50 yard line you're gonna hear a pin drop.

Check out the coveted Pierone collection of 49ers good luck stuff.

Dane Pierone "This is my bad call brick. This is made out of foam. This is what I throw at the television set on bad calls. I use this probably I'd say four times a game. Trolley gets into it. Doesn't talk much. But, Trolley is a stud. My favorite is the Niner Miner. I picked this up in 1983. He oversees every game. He sits on the television. He's been through six Super Bowls now. Five out of six isn't bad." )))