Yakima delegation wraps up tour of other northwest cities

YAKIMA, Wash. -- City leaders trying to transform Yakima's downtown wrapped up a tour of other northwest cities. They want ideas about what might work in Yakima.

The delegation visited cities similar to Yakima in size or average income. They included Wenatchee, Portland, Missoula, Bend, Walla Walla and Medford. Leaders visited public spaces, parks and markets.

Yakima's Economic Development Manager says the biggest takeaway was that change didn't happen overnight. And, revitalization takes time.

"Downtown revitalization isn't just one project that makes it happen. It's a consistent effort if you want a vibrant downtown core," said Sean Hawkins.

The delegation will present its full report to Yakima City Council tomorrow. A series of short videos on the visits will air on Y-PAC and the City's YouTube channel later this month.