Yakima County labor report

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- While the Yakima economy is not where it was before the recession, things are continually looking better.

The most recent labor report is out for Yakima. And there's good news for job hunters.

"I am job hunting as I do everyday," said Susan Burdick.

Susan, like others are dealing with unemployment. She's been unemployed for about five months and says it's a struggle, but stays positive.

"I'm feeling very optimistic and it's just a matter of time," said Susan.

And she should be as February's unemployment numbers are going down. Compared to last February, unemployment is down by one tenth of a percent. The non-farm work force has added one thousand jobs from the same time period.

"There's more good news than bad," said regional economist Don Meseck.

He thinks the new report is overall positive. But there is one thing he is worried about.

"Discouraged workers and retirees exiting the labor force are helping to depress the labor force number," said Meseck.

The lower number of Yakima's work force is seen when comparing this February to the previous year. It's down by about 1,500 people.

Despite the decrease, Sondra Pieti, administrator at WorkSource encourages people to continue the hunt.

"We've got lots of jobs coming out," said Pieti. "Everyday we're getting new job orders and we really need people to come into WorkSource to fill those jobs."

Susan agrees there are many job opportunities available but she's still searching and it might be awhile until she finds her next employer.

"It's wonderful, everyday someone's getting a job but it may not be you so you just have to keep posting, keep trying and know that it's improving but not fast," said Susan.

The unemployment number may be decreasing slowly, but at least it is heading in the right direction.

In the next month WorkSource will host three job fairs in Yakima.
The next Yakima County unemployment rate will be released April 22.