Yakima County bridge to be replaced

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Yakima County will soon replace a bridge for nearly $1 million. It chose a construction company last night.

Pioneer Way Bridge Number 70 is just off the intersection of Cowiche Mill Road and Pioneer Way. It runs over Cowiche Creek. Construction should begin by the middle of August. It will be paid for with state and federal funding.

One woman who lives right next to the bridge says she's not worried about construction, but thinks the detours could cause problems.

"The mailman asked me when they're going to start and I said, 'well I think it's in August' and he said, 'that means I have to go back around?' And I said, 'I guess so, you have to go around,'" Nickie Cantu said.

Replacing the Pioneer Way Bridge should take about six to eight weeks.