Yakima community helps organization after equipment stolen

YAKIMA, Wash. -- After we ran a story Tuesday night about landscaping equipment being stolen from a Yakima organization, people in the community have stepped in to make up for the losses.

More than $3,000 worth of equipment was stolen from Yakima's Entrust Community Services. It is an organization that supports people with disabilities.

Since Action News reported the crime, people have offered them free equipment and services. One woman dropped off a leaf blower Wednesday and hopes others follow her lead.

"I hope this brings other people out of the wood work and [they say], 'I've got this and I've got this, let's give it to them,'" said Peggy Trotter.

"It's kind of overwhelming that people know what we do here and the affection that the community has for us," said Jeff Edwards, community service representative for Entrust Community Services.

Entrust Community says the help from people has overpowered the upset they felt from the thefts.