WSP trooper investigation sent to Yakima prosecutors

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The case of a state trooper under criminal investigation is now in the hands of prosecutors. It will be up to them to decide whether charges should be filed against Trooper Travis Lamb.

Washington State Patrol turned over its investigation into claims he had an improper relationship with a woman he arrested.

"It's really important in these cases where we are serving as the fact finder that we have the second set of eyes from outside looking at everything when done; making sure we did a thorough investigation that was fair to everyone involved," said WSP spokesperson Robert Calkins.

WSP won't indicate the conclusions reached in the investigation but said an internal investigation will be conducted after prosecutors decide whether charges are necessary.

Action News obtained documents that showed Trooper Lamb was previously been investigated for misconduct with a woman.

In that case he admitted wrongdoing and was guilty of what's called "violating courtesy."