Union Gap to get another pot store

UNION GAP, Wash. -- Union Gap is about to get another pot store. This one, just down the street from Station 420. A third one could open in the fall. KIMA looks at the implications of Union Gap being such a big early player in the legal pot industry.

Around the corner from Mill Creek Natural Foods, down a path, is a store. Mary Van de Graaf is about to open Union Gap's newest pot shop Friday. For now, the business will be called Mill Creek Suite A

"It's been a ride up and down," said Van de Graaf. "And, we're just excited to get open. And, like a friend said, we're making history."

Making history as the second pot shop in Yakima County after Station 420. Station 420's owner says he already sold half his inventory in his first week and more pot is on the way. He also has more suppliers and will soon be up to 30 strains.

"The prices are going to be way back down, probably below what they were when we first opened," said Adam Markus.

A new store also means more competition. Neither Markus nor Van de Graaf is worried about it.

"We'll have our clientele, they'll have their clientele," said Van de Graaf. "So, I think all three of us, there's room for all us."

That third shop Mary's talking about could open in September. Ken Weaver plans to open a 2,000 square foot store between Station 420 and Mill Creek.

So, how are these early days playing out in Union Gap? KIMA reached out to the police chief to ask him if there have been any problems since Station 420 opened.

He sent us a text. It said, "We have had no problems or calls for service at the existing store so far."

The number of stores in this small town could put it ahead of Seattle where only one store has opened so far. A spokesman for the Liquor Control Board says some owners are taking their time setting up their business.

Meantime, Mary's hard at work getting her store in shape. But, her goal, is clear.

"I want to sell out."

If the demand at Station 420 is any indication, Mary shouldn't have much of a problem.

Mary says Mill Creek Suite A will open on Friday at 1 p.m. She'll says stay open until about 7 p.m., unless she sells out before then.