Union Gap pot shop opens to long line

UNION GAP, Wash. -- For the first time in Yakima County, pot is being sold legally. A business in Union Gap opened its doors this afternoon. And, dozens of people waited in the heat to buy marijuana.

"Guys, welcome to Station 420! We are open for business!"

With that, Union Gap made history as the first town in Yakima County with a pot shop. About three dozens customers were waiting for the doors to open. Emilio Lopez showed up at 7:00am to be first in line.

"I didn't know what time it was going to open, but I wanted to be one of the first ones when they opened up shop."

Emilio wanted to be part of history. The guy in the mask, too. But, he wouldn't tell me who he was for fear of getting fired.

The line stretched around the corner in the sweltering heat. Some were pinching themselves.

"I feel ecstatic," said Adin Arnold. "This day was so far, that I never thought it would ever happen."

The same goes for owner Adam Markus.

"My hands were shaking and you can see the sweat in the hat. Yeah!"

He couldn't believe the number of customers.

"I have no idea why those people are waiting out here in the sun. I'm very grateful for it."

The suppliers came around noon to deliver the product. Inside, six strains for sale. More than originally thought.

With limited supply, customers can only buy one bag at a time. The pot is pre-bagged in five different amounts. From as little as a gram up to an ounce.

Markus said he'll also consider changing his hours to make sure he has enough pot on hand.

Outside, the sense of history was palpable.

"The times are a-changing, yes," said Mason Lopez. "Like, I never thought I would actually see legalization in the my lifetime, but I did."

A first for this small town in the Valley and Yakima County.

Security was tight with a hired security guard at the door checking IDs. Staff inside checked them a second time. The man in line wearing a mask had to take it off inside. There's no hiding your identity in the store.

Only six customers can be in the front room at one time. Three at a time with the marijuana in the back room. Owner Adam Markus told me there were no security issues. He said the crowd was so much more patient than he would have been.