Three arson-caused fires in last week in Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. -- There's been an outbreak of suspicious fires in the last week in a Yakima neighborhood. Firefighters say they were all set on purpose.

"I heard a little bang," said Adam Brown.

A fire. It started with trash in a back alley in Adam's neighborhood.

The fire on the 600 block of South 14th Avenue was the most recent in a string of suspicious fires.

"They're all arson. We've ruled out an accidental cause," said Yakima Fire Department Capt. Tom Schneider. "Someone had to purposefully set these fires."

All three fires have occurred in the last week, all in a five-block radius, south of Tieton Drive between the 600 and 900 blocks. They all happened in the early afternoon.

Luckily, the fires were all put out quickly. There was no major damage, and no one got hurt. But, neighbors are still worried.

"My thoughts went out to the rest of the families that do have children and more people to protect than myself, so that was a little bit concerning," said Adam.

Adam says he and his dogs will keep a closer eye out.

Fire investigators aren't naming any suspects. It's still a wide net.

"We haven't ruled out anybody," said Schneider. "So, is it a student, is it a juvenile, is it a child, is it an adult, is it a male or female? We don't know."

But they do know the three fires are related. All were started with garbage in an alleyway that eventually caught on to backyard garages.

Adam has his own suspicions.

"Somebody that probably doesn't take into too much account other people's property or safety."

For now, the fire department hopes you'll remove garbage that could be used as fuel for the next fire.

The damage caused by the three fires is estimated to be around $90,000.