Sunnyside carjacking leads to hostage situation in Granger

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash.-- A suspected car thief picks a Granger home at random. Bullets fly through the front door and hit a woman inside. The trouble actually began miles away with a carjacking.

The wild scene began in Sunnyside where a man and his daughter were carjacked at gunpoint. Police say Richard Yallup, seen in a picture obtained by the Yakima Herald, randomly picked his victims.

"A lot of bad stuff happens around here in Sunnyside and in this area, too," neighbor Carlos Mendoza.

When a Sunnyside officer spotted the stolen car, the chase was on. Police say Yallup was flying through the streets at more than 100 miles an hour.

"I just seen a lot of cop cars going fast and well, I was wondering what happened," Mendoza said.

Eventually, the 27-year old wrecked the car in Granger into a ditch on Cherry Hill. He bailed out and police continued running after him.

"He says 'just go home, lock your doors, and don't come back out,'" Cherry Hill neighbor Steve said of his experience with officials.

Officers say Yallup had a gun and shot at random behind him as he ran. A Sunnyside officer shot back. Neither person was hit. Cops says Yallup picked a home at random and shot through the front door hitting a woman inside.

"I've lived here all my life so anytime that you know, it's concerning especially if this man's already been through all that," Steve said. "He apparently doesn't care much."

Officers say the people inside were held hostage. Somehow those hostages managed to overtake their attacker and hold him until SWAT could move in.

"They're good people and so it's concerning that it's happening here," Steve said.

Police and deputies got their man and everyone involved is expected to be okay. An officer, a hostage and the suspect were all taken to the hospital. None had major injuries. Yallup was treated and taken to jail. He'll be in court tomorrow.