Highland students "relieved" school cancelled after threatening social media posts


YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- A social media post that threatens to harm students has made its way to our local schools, prompting educators to take action to keep students safe.

"I was kind of like really freaked out cause I was like oh my God, is he actually going to come and hurt us?," said Highland High School senior Sofia Moronez.

Moronez is still taken back by the post her brother showed her last night when she came home from school.

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A social media post, with a picture of a clown and a message threatening to kill students in the area.

Superintendent Mark Anderson got word about it Tuesday after school let out.

After consulting with local law enforcement, he decided to cancel classes on Wednesday.

"Knowing full well that we didn't know necessarily that this was a legitimate threat at all, just felt that the best course of action, if you're going to err, let's air on the safety of our students and our staff," said Anderson.

"We were a little relieved knowing that they cancelled school," said Moronez.

Safety leaders at ESD 105 have been in touch with Highland and other districts in the valley about these posts.

They've also tracked how other school districts in the country have been reacting to similar threats.

"Sometimes they're just out and out threats we're going to come to your school and do an act of violence and sometimes its a little more subtle or they target individual people," said ESD 105 Safety Technology Coordinator Chris Weedin.

For Moronez, she's weary about returning to school after what's taken place.

"I recently I heard like the clowns were breaking into people house and threatening them with like guns and stuff like that," she said.

But even though safety leaders say no credible threat is upon us, it doesn't mean being vigilant on these issues takes a back seat.

"Anytime there's something that happens like this, you always have to take it seriously," said Weedin.

Superintendent Anderson says the four schools in the Highland School District will be back up and running Thursday.

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