Snow fun for kids, trouble for drivers

YAKIMA VALLEY, Wash. -- After days of bitter cold...snow. And, lots of it. The weather delighted some neighbors, especially the kids. But, for drivers, it's another story.

A flattened tired, banged up fender, and broken headlight. It could have been worse for this driver. She asked not to be on camera, still shaken by the crash. She told me snow on I-82 sent her truck slipping and up onto the guardrail.

Her accident is among at least 100 in southcentral and southeastern Washington since Thursday. State troopers say at least 30 of those were in the Yakima area.

Crews plowed state roads and laid down de-icer shortly after nightfall. City of Yakima crews used de-icer on local roads and a gravel-salt mix to increase traction.

The weather kept private plowers busy as well.

"No sleep," said Adam Danforth. "A lot of calls. And, we're just glad it snowed."

So is Jack Topper, who says the snow will bring much-needed water to the region.

"We could be facing a drought situation if we don't have more snowpack. I think we're only about 60% at this point. And, we've got a couple of months to go."

Neighbor Dale Dunn spent his day clearing snow from his neighbors driveways and sidewalks. His first reaction when he looked out the window this morning?

"It was very beautiful. It looked like a picture postcard."

Meantime, the Sprunger family took advantage of the fresh powder and went tobogganing in Franklin Park. Father and son braved the hill, while grandparents looked on.

The first significant snowfall was fun for some, troublesome for others.

And there's more snow on the way. Another two to four inches could fall overnight. Yakima reminds you to give snowplows plenty of room.