School supplies costing more

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Parents can expect to ring up a pretty big bill to send the kids back to school. The prices of school supplies are rising. Local school districts already issued their lists for what kids need to be ready.

If you go through a school supplies section in a store these days, it's hard to spot a parent who's not holding a list. These lists range from notebooks to tissues, depending on the grade and school. Brynn Sides is one of them.

"I just like to get it over with," said Brynn, a parent of two students.

Getting it over with this year might make some parents cringe. The National Retail Federation reports prices are up 22 percent compared to five years ago.

Brynn says her two kids, one in kindergarten and one in middle school, have completely different requirements. That adds up to different prices.

"As they get older, they want the calculators and the protractors and the binders with all the dividers and papers," said Brynn.

Kindergarten students need the basics like snacks, crayons and glue.

"It says Elmers is preferred."

Parents don't have problems with what's on the list, but are sometimes surprised by how much to buy and the need for name brands. The National Retail Federation reports West Coast shoppers are spending about $125 on school supplies.

To compare different store prices, Action News went to Walmart, K-Mart and Target. We found a basic notebook starts at 25 cents and goes up to about $8 for all three stores.

Store employees say they noticed changes in school lists that veer away from typical classroom supplies.

"I see a lot more sanitizer, which is something newer in most recent years," said Andrew Strom, the executive team leader for Target security in Yakima.

Brynn is just starting out with her back-to-school shopping. She's not too worried about the tab so far.