Sawyer House to no longer host weddings

WAPATO, Wash. -- Robert Huerd remembers how the Sawyer House looked when he first bought it five years ago. The location in Wapato underwent a major remodel. A friend asked to use it as a wedding venue and it became the start of many future unions.

"The first weekend of June in 2010 and it just hasn't stopped," said Huerd.

Huerd never advertised the Sawyer House as a wedding venue, but word of mouth kept him busy.

"We've just had a wonderful time. Hundreds and thousands of wonderful people have come through Sawyer House."

However, it all got to be too much. Huerd says it was difficult to manage the permits required to host special events. He wants to slow down.

"I lost my own personal speed and I'm tired and just want to be an old man now."

Robert originally filed for bankruptcy. That was dismissed and the Sawyer House was auctioned off. The new owners take possession after Labor Day. They're expected to resell the property and won't host weddings in the meantime.

"It's a little emotional getting rid of it, but it's time," said Huerd.

Huerd felt bad he had to refund deposits to some couples who hoped to get married at the Sawyer House, but he's relieved to be walking away.

The Sawyer House will host its final wedding this weekend. It's not known when the house could be put up for sale again by the new owners.