Registered sex offenders living near public pools

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Summer's in full swing and people are flocking to the public pool to stay cool. For Stacey Cline keeping her kids safe is more than watching them swim.

Registered sex offenders are in the area so she's not letting her kids out of sight.

"For them to be around a pool for kids to be in their swimming suits, they're innocent little children running around in their summing suits, in their bathing suits and it's sad to think there's people that look at innocent children that way and it's scary-some," said Stacey Cline.

There's no law saying sex offender cannot live by a public pool. KIMA pulled the numbers and found out how many live by the Franklin Pool. Authorities don't track level one offenders as they do levels two and three, keeping tabs on where they live. There are about two dozen higher risk offenders with addresses registered within a mile radius. That's about the same amount as last summer. But way less than the summer of 2012. Almost 90 sex offenders were in the same area.

"That's reassuring but you know it only takes one person for something to happen so you should still always watch your kids," said parent Stephanie Patterson.

Sex offenders are banned from public pools in Yakima. It's up to pool employees to report offenders to police. Still, it's not required for employees to check IDs for pool access. And that's unsettling to parents, sex offenders could be watching.

"It's gross to think that they can still see you. They are still having those thoughts in their head regardless if they're in the pool. They can still see you from the parking lot," said Stacey Cline.

Parents like Stacey will stay on the alert so their kids can enjoy a fun and safe summer.

The number of sex offenders living in a mile radius from Lions pool is 40, down slightly from last year.