Police: Scene of Wapato shooting a hot spot for gang activity

WAPATO, Wash. -- Police tell Action News a man in his 20's was shot in the head at least once just before 5:00 Wednesday afternoon.

As of late Wednesday night, police had no suspects.

Police say the victim arrived at a mini-mart off Track Road with another person.

Something happened before they entered the store. The victim was shot and the other person fled the scene.

A neighbor across the street got there just after it happened. He says he saw someone helping the victim on the ground.

"Stay alive, stay alive. Come on bro, keep breathing," Tamie Tuzman said.

Investigators combed the scene for evidence.
The victims clothes and belongings still lie on the ground.

Later in the night, the eyewitness did turn himself in to police for questioning.

Officers say that person holds crucial information that could lead to an arrest.

Police are also reviewing surveillance from the mini-mart, which officers say is a hot sport for gang activity.

"They frequent this store because they live in the area and this isn't our first shooting here," Wapato Police Chief Tracy Rosenow said.

Police say they're still not sure why the initial eyewitness took off running. However that wasn't the only person who didn't cooperate.

"I did speak with an individual as we were waiting for everybody to arrive. I asked the simple question of, 'If you did the know the person who shot this person would you tell us?' And his response was no, he would not," Rosenow said.

Police say all too often they run into those who abide by a gangs 'code of silence.'

Something that might stall investigators from getting to the bottom of this shooting.

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