Police officer rescues boy from icy Yakima pond

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It seemed like a typical day at the Kiwanis park for four teenage boys. From the onset, this pond appeared frozen. But as the group of boys started playing on the ice, something went horribly wrong. The ice suddenly gave way.

"I thought how sad life can be. One moment you could be hanging out with your friends," said Marcos Galindo. "The next moment you could be drowning."

Marcos Galindo lives right near the park. He said he was worried for the boys safety when he heard the boys fell into the water. Three of the boys were able to swim to safety, but the forth was trapped under the ice for several minutes. By the time Sergeant Tim Bardwell showed up, the situation was dire.

"Time is very critical at that point to get him out of the water and start resuscitation in order to hopefully save his life," said Sergeant Tim.

It's a situation Sergeant Bardwell hasn't come across in his experience of 25 years. But in that moment, he knew he had to swim out to save a life. He didn't think twice about wading into the freezing water to save the boy. By the time Sergeant Bardwell dragged the boy to safety, the boy had stopped breathing. Rescuers then performed CPR and brought the boy back to life.

"My gut reaction was he was face down in the middle of the pond and we had to get him out as quickly as we possibly could," said Sergeant Tim.

All this happened even with signs warning against people playing on the ice. To prevent a similar situation, Marcos plans to make more signs warning people of the unseen danger.

"We're making some signs that would say please do not walk on ice and we'll be putting it up there right now and we'll be putting them up next winter," said Marcos.

And now with the weather warming up around the pond, parents said they will watch their kids more closely.