Photos of lingerie baristas brewing up trouble

YAKIMA, Wash. --They've served coffee in Yakima for years. Some raised eyebrows for offering "five dolla hollas."

Several bikini barista coffee stands around the city have developed a loyal following.

"It doesn't affect your coffee, they're still people and they give you their coffee, it doesn't matter what they wear," said Jamie Sprando, a customer at Dreamgirls Espresso.

But, it actually does. The scantily clad baristas actually have to comply with the Offensive Exposure ordinance. In layman's terms...

"No Thongs, full butt underwear," said Dreamgirls Espresso barista, Hannah Urquhart.

Dreamgirls Espresso is one of a few coffee stands like this. The owner Sigifredo Vaca said he knows the law and his employees follow the rules. He said things are different since the previous owner was cited for offensive exposure a few years ago.

"As long as I'm following the rules, everything is going to be fine."

However, Facebook photos from Dreamgirls Espresso's page and others might be over the line. I spoke with police who say some are too racy.

While the pictures might be examples of a violation, police say it's not enough evidence of a crime.

"We actually have to see it live and in person," said Yakima Police Captain Rod Light.

Owners of other lingerie coffee stands did not want to talk about the issue. A barista from Peek A Brew wasn't happy when I showed up with my camera.

"I think it's really rude that you're like I'm on public sidewalk, that's f****** great don't really give a S***. Do you know what I do here? I wear my underwear."

Police say the coffee stands are not a priority. They would pay more attention if they received complaints.

And, the customers at Dreamgirls aren't complaining.