Parent upset daughter suspended from school after being attacked

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Tense moments unfolded at West Valley High School Wednesday morning. The school went into lockdown when an angry parent came on campus.

She was reacting to a beating her daughter took on campus that she calls an unprovoked attack. That confrontation was recorded by surveillance video. And, KIMA obtained a copy of it.

It's a startling scene. A girl attacked from behind. That girl is Molly Snider.

She says she never saw it coming.

"The feeling of my head being jerked against the floor and getting dragged across the floor and just ultimately getting several blows to the face was horrifying," said Molly.

This surveillance video obtained by Action News was recorded Tuesday on the West Valley Freshman campus. Molly was thrown to the ground and dragged into the bathroom while other students watched.

"It made me cry, it was horrific. It was horrible watching your child be abused, attacked," said parent Christina Payment.

Christina is not only upset about the fight, but also what happened after it. Molly was suspended from school and she doesn't think that's fair.

KIMA went to the West Valley School District superintendent. Mike Brophy says it's standard procedure to suspend every student involved in an altercation while it's investigated.

"Do you think that's the best way to handle fights?" KIMA asked.

"Absolutely," said Brophy.

"How come?" KIMA asked.

"Well, because it takes two people to be involved," said Brophy.

"We're not going to tolerate you guys sweeping it under the rug, we're not going to tolerate you suspending our children for defending themselves," said Christina.

Christina says her daughter was bullied and doesn't think the district is doing enough to address the issue.

"How would you respond to parents who feel that there's nothing being done about bullying?" asked KIMA.

"Well, the most important thing we try to do is we try to ensure a safe and orderly environment," said Brophy.

Christina's anger boiled over when she came to the school's office to complain about the suspension. Administrators worried the situation might get out of control ordered a lockdown.

An e-mail from the district to parents says someone with her was making shooting gestures toward other students. Christina says her son was with her, but denies he made any threatening moves. The lockdown was lifted quickly.

West Valley's superintendent maintains the dual suspensions were done to protect the learning environment for everyone. Wednesday happened to be the last day of school at West Valley. And, Molly's suspension won't carry over to next school year.

Her mother says she will press charges against the other student involved.