Newhouse leads 4th Congressional District race in Yakima County

YAKIMA , Wash. -- Two Republicans will battle it out for Congressional District 4. Clint Didier has the overall support of the district, but Dan Newhouse had overwhelming support in Yakima County with 43%.

"He truly cares about people's issues. I think he's willing to listen to people and a lot of times when somebody gets into office they really forget who put them in office and I think he'll continue to listen to his group of voters," said Joe Mann, who voted for Newhouse.

Newhouse is a former legislator and director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture. He describes himself as a pro-jobs conservative.

"Well, Dan Newhouse comes into this race with a lot of relevant experience," said Amos Rothstein

Clint Didier has not held an elected position. He's a former NFL player and a farmer with ties to the Tea Party. He earned 17% of the vote in Yakima County. Only a few people I spoke with in Downtown Yakima supported him. Actually, most people told me they didn't have an opinion on either finalist.

"I'm going to look into it and study them a little more before I do decide to vote, which will probably take a little bit of time," said Isaiah Posey.