Murder victim's family seeks answers following fugitive's capture

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's been an emotional four years for Yesenia Haro's family following the murder of the 18-year-old woman.

"Everything was quiet," said Yesenia's mother Beatriz Haro. "The shoes, her shoes, her purse and everything was there. So I said, I just asked, Yesenia, mommy and I want in there."

Haro says it's an image that's still fresh in her mind; her 18-year-old daughter dead on the floor.

"I was in shock...I can't believe...I said I can't believe and I don't know why this was happening," said Haro.

Yesenia Haro was shot to death.

Her mother, younger sister and brother found her together.

"I tell my mom, he killed her with a gun. My mom was yelling. She said no, don't tell me," said Haro.

Yakima Police believe Yesenia's boyfriend, Jose Ayala, killed her; he went missing following the murder.

Ayala eventually landed on America's Most Wanted, but the case went cold, until he was captured last winter in Mexico.

"My body was shaking. I was nervous," said Haro.

Yesenia Haro was found dead in an apartment near North 8th Street and "D" Street.

Years later, the family says they still have many unanswered questions.

But perhaps the biggest question they have, is why Yesenia?

"I would like to ask why he did it. I love him too because I feel something for him too," said Haro.

Yesenia's sister was the one who called the police. She also wants to know why.

I saw him like a big brother or something, and I always thought he would be there and I didn't know he would do it," said Vanessa Haro.

Years later and Vanessa now goes to the same high school her sister went to.

"It's hard because I see all my friends talking about how they spend time with their sisters," said Vanessa Haro.

For now, the family must wait some more before the man accused of killing their loved one answers to the crime.

Jose Ayala will be prosecuted for second degree murder.

According to the extradition agreement with Mexico, Ayala cannot get the death penalty or serve more than 25 years in prison if convicted.