KIMA obtains video of man shot by SWAT

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- KIMA obtained video of last week's SWAT team shootout near Selah. The video shows Jesse Humphrey being shot to death by multiple officers outside his RV.

It was last Friday we brought you breaking news on the standoff on Rushmore Road. And now, we have the video police tried to track down themselves. It arrived at our station anonymously. in a small package with a handwritten note. After watching it ourselves, we knew it was our responsibility to turn it over to police.

The video shows the final moments of Jesse Humphrey's life. He'd been in a standoff with police for more than an hour. Shots were exchanged and backup was called. Now, 50 officers were on the scene. And it appears about eight or nine were closing in on him. Police threw a flash grenade into the RV. Moments later, Humphrey came out of the side door. He was wanted for stealing a cell phone and possibly a car. Humphrey ended up flat on the ground. The video shows Humphrey's right arm move forward in a throwing motion. The officers move closer. There's some verbal exchange. Now, officers are feet away. Humphrey seems to flail his arms. We stopped the video right before the fatal shots are fired. But the video we watched shows Humphrey hit multiple times.

The video was dropped by a man who wouldn't give his name and only left a small package at our front desk. It had a flash drive and a short note: "This is the D-V-R footage the police want so bad..." KIMA wanted to confirm the video was real. So we drove to the shootout location on South Rushmore Road.

We spotted the house that seemed to be the likely source of the video.
And noticed surveillance cameras outside. Someone on the property was aware the video existed, but surprised we had it. They confirmed it was recorded there.

Knowing this was police evidence, KIMA contacted Yakima Police, the Yakima County Sheriff's Office and Washington State Patrol. We invited officers from each department to watch the video. Each agency viewed it, Captain Greg Copeland with YPD commented on what he saw.

Captain Greg Copeland, "I actually didn't know that the video existed, but it is helpful to watch the video."

This portion of video is the end of what police say had been a standoff that lasted hours. They say Humphrey fired hundreds of rounds before he ended up on the ground outside his home.
Then, there's the final confrontation. So, what about the right arm movement?

Capt. Copeland said, "Threw a stick at them, which I don't know what the purpose of that really served."

And, those last few steps before the final shots? Humphrey was flat on his stomach. Police felt their lives were at stake. Captain Copeland says Humphrey was reaching for a gun in his pants when he was shot.

KIMA asked, "Is there any chance he was trying to give himself up at that point?" Capt. Copeland responded, "I don't think so because otherwise he wouldn't have thrown the little stick at the officers and then tried to access the pistol that he had underneath him."

KIMA also asked, "Ok, so there was a pistol underneath him that was found at the scene?" Copeland, "There was, yes, and by the way, the rifle he had been using for most of the night was actually found within about three feet."

We handed over all the video to Washington State Patrol who is handling the investigation and will determine whether deadly force was justified.

The coroner confirmed Humphrey was shot between three and eight times.

You might also have noticed there was no sound on the recording. It came to our office that way.

There is also a discrepancy on the video regarding the time. It indicates all of this happened after 6:00 p.m. We know the shooting took place earlier than that. It's our belief the time wasn't reset after the switch from Daylight Saving to standard time. And, was off by an hour.