Improvements coming to Yakima's Randall Park

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Plans are taking shape to give Yakima's Randall Park a facelift. The Parks and Recreation Department wants to spend $1 million on improvements. KIMA learned what's on the city's wish list.

As far as parks go, it's a frequent favorite.

"My mom and my sisters love coming out here, so it gives us a chance to kind of interact with the ducks, and each other!" said Marisela Mancillas.

I found retired KIMA weatherman Stu Seibel walking there with his wife.

"Randall Park is really a sort of a hidden jewel for the city of Yakima."

But the second-most used park in Yakima is showing signs of wear. Beaten-up pathways. A shabby entrance. And, the bathrooms. You might want to go before you leave home.

The problems are not lost on Yakima's Parks and Rec Department, which wants to pour $1 million into park improvements, hoping half will come from matching state grants.

On the wish list?

New walkways, playground equipment, and picnic shelters. Better bathrooms. And, a spruced-up pond with a new bridge. A new fence and better signage at the entrances. And, improvements to the basketball court.

I asked neighbors what they thought about the price tag. The consensus? Money well spent.

"Absolutely!" said Marisela. "Yes! I really do think it's worth it."

Yakima has already received a $50,000 donation from an anonymous donor to help get the city started. The Parks and Rec manager told me another $100,000 donation is in the works.

As for what visitors want, that list was also long.

"More shelters for people having birthdays or barbeques."

"And maybe add a little bit of shade."

"Probably need a few more walking trails."

Yakima's Randall Park Committee is planning a public forum in June, where you can bring your suggestions.

The plans for the park are still preliminary. Park managers hope to start construction in spring of next year.