Improvements coming to Sunnyside and Yakima libraries

YAKIMA VALLEY, Wash. -- Sunnyside Library opened fifty years ago. Apart from its patrons, little has changed. Trustees for the Yakima Valley library system says it's time for a new look. And, seem willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make that happen.

Walking into Sunnyside Library is like entering a time warp. Old-school shelving. Tables from half a century ago.

"It's been like this since 1963," said Sunnyside Library Supervisor, Marcelina Ortega.

That goes for its exterior, too.

"The outside is little bit antiquish-looking," said library patron, Angelica Scott.

Trustees for the Yakima Valley library system are looking at ways to bring its Sunnyside branch into the 21st century. Possible renovations include new carpets and brighter walls. New ceilings lights, and more modern tables for reading and studying.

Patrons could see new shelves. And, improvements to the bathrooms. The circulation desk is also being looked at. As well as the staff's workspace.

Upgrades to the outside could include new window frames, a fresh coat of paint and a prettier garden.

The estimated price tag? Roughly $400,000.The money would come from the library system's reserves.

Ortega says the community is supportive of the changes.

"It is important so that the people will take pride in the city library."

Scott agrees.

"It should be more colorful and more upbeat since it is a place where families come."

Sunnyside isn't the only library on trustee's radar. Yakima Central Library could soon get about $80,000 in upgrades. Including security cameras on the roof and better street lighting out front. And, window treatments, to make the library's exterior look more modern.

Yakima Valley Libraries. Borrowing a page from the future.

Ortega tells KIMA renovations to the Sunnyside Library could be completed by the end of this year.