'I guarantee you I'll see her again in Heaven someday'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Friends and co-workers of Cindy Kelley-Munzanreder tell KIMA how they feel after arrests were made after shooting.

As KIMA has seen your comments on our Facebook page ever since the shooting, this is a story that troubles a lot of you. Especially, for the people who knew Cynthia.

"I stuck my head in the window and said goodnight Cindy I'll see you tomorrow and she said good night Carl, I'll see you tomorrow," said Carl Farnsworth.

They're the last words Carl Farnsworth heard from his friend of 20 years. A woman he described as kind and sweet with a thoughtful soul. He still can't believe he won't see Cindy's smile ever again.

"I can't believe it," said Carl. "I couldn't. I really couldn't. It's hard to get your head around something like that."

Her colleagues at two local car dealerships where she used to work noticed the loss. Places where she'll be remembered.

"She'd really become the heart of the place," said Frank Oconnell. "She was kind and she was generous and she was a great person to work with."

"It's been a very difficult week here," said Tom Sparling. "There's a tremendous sadness hovering over our organization right now. I don't think that's something that's just doing to go away in the next couple of days."

They said it's hard enough trying to understand why something like this happened. Now, harder after finding out her husband is one of them accused of killing her.

"The level of evil and despicability of it is just beyond my comprehension," said Frank Oconnell. "I just hope the criminal justice system will do what needs to be done."

For now, they wait for justice and cling to happier memories.

"I guarantee you I'll see her again in Heaven someday," said Carl. "We'll be friends again."

Both suspects worked at Valley Ford Nissan at the time of the shooting. They have been fired.