Good samaritans rescue married couple from sinking car

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- For William Smith there was no question of what he needed to do. When he saw the cloud of dirt and another person pull to the side he knew something was wrong.

"I was literally the second person to pull over and stop and help, which means I'm responsible to help and so is the other person who stopped. Until emergency people arrive, that's what people are supposed to do," said William Smith.

Troopers say a car drove off the I-82 East and rolled into the Buena pond. Two people were in the car, a husband and wife who just celebrated their 40th anniversary. They say the husband was changing lanes when he realized a car was there.

That's when he over-corrected and their car plunged into the pond. William and another person jumped in to help.

"If there was danger they didn't care, which is commendable for them. To get those people out before it got submerged, I commend them for it," said Washington State Trooper Ryan Sauve.

"There was a moment when she panicked and the water was coming up over her head a little bit and that's what made me scared too," said William. "So I just reached in and stuck my arms under her and pulled her out of the window as the car sank."

William says the husband was able to get out on his own. Troopers say the couple was taken to memorial to be treated for minor injuries.

Divers were sent in to help get the submerged car out of the water. It took two tow trucks to get the job done. While the car is a complete loss, William is glad to know the couple is well.

"It's a nice feeling to go through the rest of the day knowing they'll be able to celebrate their anniversary for many more years."

A day that could have ended in tragedy, turned around by the kindness of strangers.

The spill responder from the Department of Ecology said there was no major fuel leakage into the pond.