Final Harrah murder suspect turns himself in

The fourth and final murder suspect turned himself in to authorities connected to the weekend shooting in Harrah. The 17-year-old was the last person wanted after the arrests of three others.

Deputies say Carlos Hernandez turned himself in Monday afternoon. Court documents suggest the murder on Saturday followed a drug deal. Deputies were confident they would have all four in jail quickly and now they do.

We still know very little about what went down on Saturday afternoon in Harrah. A drug deal. A man dead. 32-year-old Charles Burkybile was in his home when he was shot to death.

"I'm reluctant to give out a whole lot right now for the motive until we have the fourth person in custody and we make some progress working just a little bit further into the case," Sgt. Mike Russell from YSO said.

Court documents say the four suspects went to Burkybile's home to buy pot. They say Luis Anguiano went to the back door of the home on Harrah Road. After a short conversation, Anguiano walked back to the car. Then, deputies believe two of the four men started shooting at the house.

"There are some indications that some of the suspects are associated with gangs," Russell said.

Burkybile was hit numerous times. One by one, deputies brought in three of the the murder suspects by Sunday evening. 17-year-old Carlos Hernandez turned himself by Monday afternoon. While information is still scarce, deputies never felt this shooting was random.

"We don't believe that these people were out randomly looking for people in the community, that this home was targeted," Russell said.

Hernandez has already been booked into jail. He's also facing second degree murder charges.