Ellensburg search for city manager over

ELLENSBURG, Wash. -- A lengthy search, and an expensive search. In the end, Ellensburg may not have needed to spend a dime.

The city offered its city manager job to the man currently filling in for the position.

"I was a little bit in shock when I found out that they made the decision that they did," said John Akers. "I was also pleased that the decision was unanimous."

Akers has been working for the city of Ellensburg for over two decades. He was most recently director of public works. But when the last city manager left, Akers was asked to become interim city manager as the city began its search for a permanent replacement.

More than 100 people applied. Three finalists were flown in and introduced to the public. The city of Ellensburg spent $30,000 on the effort.

"We were sincerely looking for somebody, and we didn't find the right match, and he was under our noses the whole time," said City Council member Jill Scheffer.

John had expressed an interest in filling the role if none of the candidates worked out.

"I think he's exactly what we're looking for in terms of a mix of leadership and background knowledge and developing the people around him," said Ellensburg Mayor Rich Elliott.

The details of the offer just need to be worked out.

"I have every intention of accepting the position," said Akers.

If he accepts the job, he will officially hold the title and responsibilities of Ellensburg City Manager on June 2nd.