Community Health to notify victims of hospital records breach

YAKIMA, Wash. -- There's still a lot of confusion surrounding the data breach involving two local hospitals, Yakima Regional Medical & Cardiac Center and Toppenish Community Hospital. Patients don't know whether they're information is at risk. And, they're worried by what they aren't hearing from Community Health Systems.

"It's a lot of what ifs and I'm not a very patient person. I want to know what's going on and I want it done now," said Sharon Foster.

Sharon says it feels like she has to take her family to Regional on a regular basis.

"Having four children, I seem to be visiting the ER a lot."

Sharon's mother has also been in and out of Regional over the last nine years for a blood clot disorder. They're happy with the medical care, but are worried they could be a target for identity theft because of the hacking.

"We just don't know what to do as far as the information, what they can do," said Valinda Bailey.

We set out to get as many questions answered as possible from the company. What can you expect after the hacking if you've been a patient at Regional or Toppenish?

Everyone we spoke with at Yakima Regional referred us to the corporate office of Community Health Systems. They then asked us to write an email detailing all of our questions. Our top questions were how many letters are going out to patients in Yakima and Toppenish. Those questions were not answered.

We did find out that letters won't be mailed to everyone. They will only be sent to patients whose information was stolen by the hackers. Community Health Systems announced it will provide identity theft protection for the same people. The protection will be available for one year, but they didn't identify the specific company that will handle it.

Community Health Systems is also standing by its claim that the attacker was an "Advanced Persistent Threat" group originating in China.